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Much too often, we underestimate the impact a choice can have on the rest of our life. The influence one decision can have on the whole of our existence. For several years, my wife and I had been dreaming about travelling, going around the world and discovering how amazingly beautiful it is. Uncovering new cultures and lifestyles, learning, living and writing new stories to then share our adventures. 

This dream was born seven years ago and I am happy to say that it started coming true in March 2017 with a three-week trip to New Zealand. At first, it was only planned as a holiday abroad to take a break from our busy Parisian life. But after a week there, something strong was born and triggered in me the desire to share what I was experiencing: the emotions, events, moments and adventures I was going through.

As a photographer I believe that a photograph is worth a thousand words and through this venture that is From the Inside Out, I can recount but also make you travel and experience my adventure in New Zealand.

— From the Inside Out is the release of a photography book which retraces my road trip across New Zealand. 

— From the Inside Out is discovering landscapes, places and monuments on two surprising islands. 

— From the Inside Out is first and foremost offering and sharing what comes from the inside. Sharing my dream, my feelings, experiences and emotions to forever keep them in mind.

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