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When chemistry grad student Paige and her two housemates decide to try doing Jagerbombs with a new and untested energy drink formula Paige mixed up herself, they’re all three surprised when Simone and Tiffany each grow a long, stiff cock! The sensation of growing a foreign yet familiar pole of flesh of their very own is much too good for either to consider Paige’s suggestion they visit the hospital - they’re too eager to experience the pleasures their new phallic gifts are promising them. Both girls are taller and stronger than petite Paige, the only one who’s still truly a girl - will she submit and let these newly-minted futa girls have their way with her?

The next day, Paige wakes up well-f****d and well-rested, but she’s still wondering why it is that the other two grew cocks but she didn’t. To help, and to reassure the lingering doubts in her mind that she’s not a lesbian, she visits her semi-boyfriend Morgan, a geeky chemistry genius - who helps her to piece together the cause of this strange phenomenon. However, it’s much to Paige’s dismay that it turns out he’d already helped himself to an earlier iteration of her formula a few days before - after a night of hot sex with Morgan, Paige goes to sleep with a man… and wakes up with another petite, sexy woman! Morgan is confused and terrified, and the transformation has left this new-made woman incredibly horny. Will Paige help Morgan the only way she knows how?

Finally, Paige returns to the scene of the crime with Morgan in tow - and we experience the long-awaited erotic transformation scene of our heroine herself… from girl to futa! She’ll grow the most thick, heavy, and turgid cock of all - one that puts the others to shame, and demands attention. She’ll soon have it - from Morgan, Simone, Tiffany, and before long… anyone else who lays eyes on her monster girl-cock!

Join Paige for a gender-bender adventure of epic proportions as the whole campus is enthralled by the power of the formula! This is an erotic story in approximately 15,000 words spread across three hot chapters - featuring numerous, intimately described sex scenes between women, men, and all in between. This story is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

Romans et littérature
16 mars
Johannes Lowe

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