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4 Stories of Gender Bending excitement! A man becomes a woman and stars in a sexy porn shoot; a man and his girlfriend swap bodies and experiment in bed; a man wakes up to find himself suddenly a woman and tied down in a basement for a little sexy revenge; and a man dares to answer an ad for the ultimate experience in life, and wakes naked and a woman, surrounded by four strangers!

These stories are intended for mature audiences only, and feature scenes of gender swap sex, feminization, toy play, reluctant sex, group sex, gangbangs, oral, and is 21,000+ words in length.


The apartment was dark as I stumbled along to the bathroom. Melissa had apparently long since gone to bed. With groggy, trembling hands, I pushed open the door and flicked on the light. It stabbed at my eyes, twin points of agony hacking at my skull. I squinted them closed, shambled to the sink and ran cold water. I felt like every hangover I’d ever had had just hit all at once, and had called in backup. I splashed water on my face, letting the cold water splash over my smooth, delicate skin, high cheekbones and full lips.

I blinked, ignoring the pain from the light. Full lips? Smooth skin? Water pattered down off of my face into the sink as I froze. My fingers played over my face with slow, questioning motions.

The features they felt were alien.

Slowly, heart thumping with frantic, electric fear, I lifted my head and looked in the mirror. Melissa’s face stared back at me, eyes wide with horror. Her mouth fell open, and a hoarse, strangled gasp came out out of mouth. Of my mouth.

My hands trailed down my delicate neck, to Melissa’s breasts, now on my chest. I’d fallen asleep wearing nothing but my boxers. I still wore them, and nothing else. I stared down my body in mute shock. Melissa’s rack, so glorious on her, was mine. Her smooth stomach and tanned skin, her curvy hips, even her painted toenails with the little flowers she did on them... all mine.

I stumbled back away from the mirror. What the hell? What the hell! This was some sort of dream brought on by our fight earlier. She’d denied me sex, and so I was dreaming I was her. Right?

I turned and sprinted from the bathroom, Melissa’s feet beating a frantic pace down the hall to the bedroom. I threw open the door and flicked on the light. The bed stirred, and there was a low, frustrated groan from the bed. Heart pounding, I grabbed the covers and tore them aside.

I lay on the bed, squinting up at me. My body, my features, my face. Wearing an old flannel shirt that Melissa wore each night and a pair of my boxers she’d apparently scrounged up. I had a horrific sense of vertigo as I stared down on my face, my form, slowly waking on the bed before me.

There was a moment of sleepy confusion on my own face as it stared up at me. Melissa’s eyes widened, mouth widening as she came awake and realized that I hung over her in her body.

“Oh my God,” my body said. “Oh, crap. Crap!”

Romans et littérature
24 mars
JB Richards

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