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The hobby of Amateur Radio has just celebrated its 100th anniversary and is just as vibrant and exciting as it has ever been. However, many who might well enjoy the hobby are reluctant to get started. Whether it is the jargon, the fear of not “knowing it all” the first day, or the dread of having to put together a radio station--including rigging some kind of outdoor antenna--many never get to fully enjoy all that this amazing hobby has to offer. Now experienced Ham Radio operator and best-selling author Don Keith N4KC has written a book for anyone truly interested in getting started, getting licensed and putting his or her own radio station on the air. Written in an easy-to-understand style, Get on the Air...Now! will have readers talking to the world in no time, enjoying to the fullest the fascinating, exciting hobby of Amateur Radio. This book is for anyone who has considered becoming a licensed Ham, those who may have gotten an Amateur Radio license but never got an opportunity to get involved, and the experienced Ham who simply wants a book to which he or she can direct an interested person to learn more about getting the most from the hobby. This book also contains The Amateur Radio Dictionary, the most complete listing ever compiled of terminology, jargon and basic electronic terms that any newcomer might encounter starting out in the hobby.

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3 juillet
Don Keith

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