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The common myth is that men don't like to talk. The truth is they don't know how. They've been conditioned to leave the emotions to women. As a result, every father, son, husband, brother, and boyfriend has had something to get off his chest for years.

Dr. Shoshanna has persuaded a wide range of men from all walks of life to open up and speak their minds on:

 Living up to-and living down-the stereotype of "Real Men"

 The need for male bonding

 Sexual fears and apprehensions

 What their jobs and careers Symbolize

 The importance of spirituality

 What being in love means to them

 Who they really are and what they really want from a woman

Women will finally get the answer to the question, "What is he thinking?" And, more importantly, they will learn techniques for opening up the lines of communication so they won't have to wonder any more.

Praise for Dr. Brenda Shoshanna’s books

“Dr. Shoshanna’s words are wonderful!”

--Marianne Williamson

“A powerful, potentially life-changing book.”

–Body & Soul

“There’s some good, solid advice here that just might help the lovelorn break some of their destructive patterns and connect the dots as to why true love is always passing them by.”

--St. Petersburg Times

“In her book Fearless, Dr. Shoshanna provides a refreshingly simple ‘Zen’ approach to addressing the complicated subject of fear.” 

--Lucinda Bassett

"Shoshanna has some insightful things to say about anger in the family, in the workplace, at God and at destiny. This book can change the way you view yourself and others. It will help you give up grudges, stop blaming others and playing the victim."

--Spirituality & Health

“Readers searching for broader meaning will revel in Dr. Shoshanna’s ability to weave together the basic tenets of relationship psychology with the self-realization techniques of Zen practice.”

--Publishers Weekly

“This is relationship, samurai style...Shoshanna studied with the Zen masters Soen Nakagawa Roshi and Eido Shimano Roshi; the rigor of traditional monastic training shines through the spare language and format. Aspects of Zen training that can be controversial or confounding are presented matter-of-factly.... Shoshanna holds out the redemptive possibilities of practice.”

--Tricycle Magazine

“Dr. Shoshanna’s book has less to do with the mechanics of sitting and more to do with the realities of integrating Zen practice into real life. Shoshanna extends an empty and richly filled hand, offering both the sublime and the practical, which are one and the same in the Zen world. This is a highly recommended volume for beginners and new practitioners.”

--Publishers Weekly

“Dr. Shoshanna challenges us to let go of fantasies, expectations, fears and anticipation so we can be fully present to life. Her wisdom is genuine and deeply considered. Her book is well worth reading.”

--Spiritual Parenting

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Brenda Shoshanna

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