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This book has a wide variety of natural and spiritual dreams and their fulfillment, which is useful in interpreting dreams. It will spark interest in the significance of dreams. Readers will appreciate the power of dreams, as God uses dreams to deliver messages. They will realize that the enemy of their souls uses dreams to work against people. Readers will come to appreciate the power of dreams, as God uses dreams to deliver messages. Dreaming is a part of life. God created us with an aptitude for dreams. Do you know the value of your dreams? Are your dreams warnings, revelations, or directions from God; are they from Satan, or, are they to be ignored? This book will spark a curiosity in you about your own dreams as the author shares her journey of how she learned to understand her dreams. This book reflects the beginning of the author's spiritual journey. God started the journey with dreams. She shares her dream stories so that others might realize that God works through dreams, not only in biblical days, but also in present time. Her stories include experiences of spiritual afflictions through dreams, created by those who practice spiritual wickedness. You may not be close enough to God right now. But, do you know if He has a plan for you - that has been shown to you through dreams, which you may be ignoring? This book will leave you asking the question, "Should I be paying attention to my dream?" According to biblical prophecy, God will be pouring out His Spirit on everyone; your children will prophesy; old men will dream dreams; and young men will see visions (Joel 2:28-29). This book provides insights into such a day, as prophesied by the prophet, Joel.

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