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A secret experiment gone horribly wrong and the results are disastrous for the Earth. CERN had attempted to create a new type of micro black hole, one that twists spacetime around itself. The hope is to create a new power source, perhaps even an interstellar starship drive. Instead, they may have created their own ultimate destruction.
The black hole escapes its magnetic confinement and sinks into the planet. There, the thing swings like a pendulum through the Earth. Wherever it surfaces, terrible devastation occurs. In some regions, it increases gravity, crushing Skyscrapers, cars, people and anything incapable of withstanding such a powerful force. In other places, the reverse occurs. Gravity is nullified. Anything not tied down is propelled into the skies, even to space, whether automobiles or icebergs. Oceans, no less than the land are affected by the black hole. Tsunamis 1,000 feet high race toward land. Countries are drowned. The world is dying.
A small group of scientists, led by physicist and inventor Gavin Williams, struggle to find a solution but time is fast running out. A desperate world struggling to survive has decided the only two safe places on Earth, the “axis points” must be under their own control. Nations approach the brink of a nuclear holocaust.
Worse, any day, the mini black hole may surface near the Large Hadron Collider, humanity’s one chance of stopping their own annihilation. The CERN facility could be wiped out. If it is, so is the future of mankind. When Gavin does discover a remedy, the problem is how to use it. The world is falling apart. Countries are turning against countries. Gavin’s family must make a grueling journey by land across a now dangerous United States. All this while the clock is ticking down to zero. Gravity Falls, a science fiction thriller of the first order!

SF et fantasy
13 juillet
Kenneth Testa, Jr