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Public speaking – everyone fears it – a recent survey found a notable percentage of people would rather find themselves in the casket than have to give the eulogy at a funeral.

At some point in your life you’re likely to be called upon to give an address of some sort – best man speech, 50th birthday speech – a presentation, a pitch – you probably have some sort of public presentation coming up soon you’re scared or nervous of doing.

Or you may have an interview coming up, or a difficult personal conversation to have.

If you had full command of your mind and what it was you wanted to say, full command of your vocal tone, your cadence, your tempo, your face, your facial expression, your posture, your body language… if you had self- confidence and held yourself in sufficiently high esteem… you’d be part of the way there – and the advice in this book is going to give you that.

But to reach your full potential as a communicator, someone who knows how to swiftly gain clarity about the message they want to deliver, who can think, as in be cognitive, on their feet, who can convey their message succinctly and engagingly, whether talking to one person or ten thousand, the remaining ingredients consist of understanding the power of intention, understanding your role and function as communicator, understanding the role of your listener or audience, and perhaps above all understanding presence.

This book will also give you that.

By following the carefully thought-through sequence as prescribed you will become a great communicator, a great public speaker, and of course, a great presence.

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