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Why do some salespeople out-sell, out-earn and outlast everyone else? It is because they think, work and approach selling differently than everyone else!

A must read" for every sales professional serious about making more money, Green Zone Selling is a collection of more than 50 best practices and winning approaches used by top salespeople in business today.

Unlike other books on selling that are either far too elementary or full of manipulative sales tactics, Green Zone Selling takes you beyond the basics and presents intelligent, ethical, authentic and to-the-point advice anyone can easily understand and immediately apply.

Imagine having an experienced and proven sales coach working alongside you, putting you on the fast-track to finding more leads, more clients and more sales...now! Written in a fast-paced and factual style, the book wastes no time getting right to the pointand pointing you toward how to get where you want to go.

Green Zone Selling explores the four critical zones for how you can achieve greater success:

The Mind Zone
? How your belief system dictates what you do (and dont do) every day
? Why 20 percent of all salespeople make 80 percent of the money
? Moving your mindset to a more positive way of thinkingtoday!

The Time Zone
? Time is money; what that really means to commissioned salespeople
? How to identify and concentrate on high yield sales activities
? Five easy steps for managing your day and taking control of your time

The Contact Zone
? Discovering and practicing the art of sales speak
? How to overcome sales call reluctance and a fear of prospecting
? The five most critical selling skills every salesperson needs to master

The Future Zone
? Success is pivotal, not progressive; where do you go from here?
? Moving from simply making money to building real wealth
? How to run your businessand your careerfrom a plan

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