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Those pants you cut into knee shorts five years ago are getting threadbare: The fringes are so long they flutter in the wind like little strips of crepe paper. When you look in the mirror, you ignore stuff you don't think is important, like nose hairs, a few zits here and there, bushy eyebrows. You've probably spent your entire life not really caring about personal grooming other than showering, shaving and using deodorant. And you've always thought, why should you? It's the women who need to look good for you, right? Women like their men to look manly, and that means rough hands and filthy fingernails…right?

Yeah, not so fast, buddy. See, when a woman sees you, she instantly makes a decision about whether you are a potential partner based on how you look. If you make a habit of looking like a homeless man in raggedy clothes, you might have more luck panhandling on the corner than finding a date. What you think doesn't matter does, and women are funny creatures, they notice little things that you've never given a second thought, like that monobrow you're sporting.

So how do you go about improving your grooming habits? You listen to the experts. Learn from women, take a few hints from men who always seem to look good. Or, you can read this easy grooming guide and apply the lessons you learn here to your daily life. Trust us, the ladies will thank you for it.


1. Rock the bald look. If you choose to go bald, do it the right way. Cut your hair close to the skull, and then shave it off with a good quality razor. Don't use a cheap one, use one of those triple-blade razors to get the smoothest, closet shave. You might nick yourself here and there, but once you get the hang of shaving your head little injuries like that will be fewer and farther between.

A bald head does come with some responsibilities. You have to take care of your new hairless pate, otherwise you could end up with sunburn, sun spots, freckling, and even wrinkles!

Every morning, massage your head with a blend of aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. This will leave your head so smooth you'll think it's a baby's butt. After all this, spray it with some strong sunscreen. Use a waterproof or sporting-strength sunblock in an SPF 50 or higher. Remember, the skin on your head is more sensitive, and it's the first thing on your body the sun's rays hit. Keep it covered, and keep it healthy...

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