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Color illustrated, with video.

Is it that with grace, humor and style that we will describe all the realms of life, as well as answer the ultimate questions, some via seriously comedic adventures? We will it.

Will good and evil clash, with a triumphant success? Indeed, and in the deeds of grand stimulation and logic.

Is the cause of the universe itself causeless? Yes, and we will learn why it is uncaused, just be-cause.

Did the laws of the universe come from Nothing? Just about, but there is some further ado about this near ‘nothing’.

Does everything amount to a total Nothing except for the quantum fluctuations of uncertainty? Certainly.

Will we disprove the Supernatural? Naturally.

Is it that we are but a shimmering glitter in the eye of eternity, a small parentheses enclosing a dust mote of a rare and lucky event of little significance on the faltering edge of forever… or, that, as our luck has never failed, our joy and innocence will ever prevail? Who the heck knows!

What does the sum total of the information content of Everything add up to? Nothing. Nil. Null. Not a thing.

Will the Earth be destroyed in this story? Yes, but only temporarily and only a few times.

Are these your poems and art compositions? Yes. I, Why? Note that this is not even the shortest poem.

Did you read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?’ No, I hadn’t, amazingly, but when someone told me that my book was a bit like that, I quickly read the first ‘Hitchhiker’ book of the series. We don’t really go to many other planets in this book, but there is much earthly imagination and excitement and comedy within.

What is www.ToeQuest.com? It’s a web site where people discuss Everything. It’s fun; come on over and post.

Who are your favorite authors? Victor Stenger, Lee Child, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Michael Shermer, Jonah Lehrer, Bill Bryson, Omar Khayyam, Percy Shelley, Dan Brown, Robert Ardley, David Darling, Carl Sagan, Nelson DeMille and all of the CIA/detective writers.

Does the book get more serious as it goes along? Yes, seriously, for I am first showing the exhilaration of being alive.

You cite some of the ideas of great thinkers. Yes, and I hope that this spurs my readers to go out and buy their books to get the whole story.

10 mai
Austin P Torney

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