He had a Thing for Virgins and Other Stories

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Imaginative and witty fantasy stories
"It's a while since I read these stories but I do remember enjoying them immensely. In a way, they reminded me of Ray Bradbury, which I consider to be high praise. The stories do not go where you think they will, but have, to my taste, satisfactory conclusions." Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

Delve into a fascinating compendium of 15 astonishing short stories and take a journey through a concoction of different genres and styles, all with a devilish twist!

An old fashioned vampire sucks at dating in the modern world.
A down-trodden supervillain seeks revenge against the hero who ruined his life.
A couple of sweet old ladies enjoy some delicious earl grey tea.

From action packed tales of vengeance and adventure to sweet romance and awkward first dates this curious collection of creative, comical and cautionary tales will amuse and horrify you.

This anthology includes:

Earl Grey and Gingerbread Biscuits
Ethel and Mavis catch up on some gossip over some tea, but not everything is as it seems...
The Dragon and the Canary
Just how far would you go to get rich? How deep into the Earth would you travel?
Save the Princess
A knight. A dragon. A princess. What more do you need?
The Hero
Doctor Dynamo, supervillain extraordinaire, seeks revenge against the hero who took his arm and left him to rot in jail.
Under the Bed
There were voices downstairs, muffled. Strange voices. He didn't know how they'd got into the house.
Harry and Simon should never have taken the mysterious vase in the first place. It had already claimed Pamela. It had to go back where it came from.
Skinny Latte
He didn't go there every day for the coffee; he went there for... her.
Carol's Christmas
It didn't matter if Carol believed in ghosts or not, they believed in him; they believed he could learn to love Christmas.
Icing on the Cake
Where better for demons to contemplate humanity than a crowded train station platform?
Curly eyed her target and smirked. This was going to be easy. A house in the middle of the woods, away from prying eyes, all done up nice. It was going to be a steal, quite literally.
Death Knocks Thrice for Murder
Lord Forthright has been murdered! A dark stormy night. Five suspects assembled in the drawing room. Was it the butler? The wife? Detective Inspector Mortimer is ready to reveal the killer!
Evil Incorporated
They shouldn't have arrested him; he'd only stood up for what was right. The interview room stank of urine...
First Sight
Pete had only brought Jess along for moral support, but she seemed to delight in teasing him. Was love at first sight real? Or had love been staring him in the face the whole time?
It won't write itself…
They were going to find out his secret and now, author E.S. Maker is trapped on this nefarious chat show with its insipid & pushy host.
He had a thing for Virgins
Dating is hard. It sucks. And it sucks even worse when you're a vampire who hasn't been on the dating scene for a couple of centuries.

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27 février
T. A. Jenkins

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