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It is not only the medical professionals that are debating the uses of antibiotics. There is still a large grey area surrounding how viral and bacterial infections can be diagnosed simply from the symptoms. The subject of over prescribing antibiotics is a debate that remains buoyant amongst medical and health professionals and one that is also kept at the forefront with more superbugs being detected that bear resistance to all types of antibiotics. There is the added problem of those patients that have built up a resistance to antibiotics either from overuse or some form of allergy. When taking this all into account it is easy to see why doctors do need to exercise a combination of experience, common sense and science when deciding whether or not to prescribe antibiotics and also the treatment will be right for the cause and the individual. For these reasons and others that may be more personal many individuals are looking at other natural and herbal medications for their health issues and it is only when you begin to look further into this subject that you will find the overwhelming numbers of treatments that are available but also perfectly harmless and incredibly simple to administer. This information contained within this book is provided to give a better understanding of antibiotics and the alternatives that are available.
Topics that are covered in detail are as follows:

Antibiotics in general
Introducing alternative medicines
Antibiotics versus natural remedies
15 natural herbal and viral antibiotics
Today’s antibiotics could threaten your life tomorrow
Myths about antibiotics
First aid for the family

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