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Lady Lilibeth Merlyn Grant has been suffering through her stifling existence on her father’s estate in Ulwell, England, close to the sea but far from anything of interest. The youngest of Lord Giles Grant’s five daughters, Lili finds herself longing for anything but the dreadful marriage that seems to sit on her unpromising horizon. Her parents have conspired to wed her to the sweet but painfully dull Duke Elsden Lovell of Corfe Castle, whose inheritance amounts to lands that hardly offer a change of scenery, being a scant few hours’ journey away. 

All seems lost until a foreigner stumbles onto the estate one day, dazed and mumbling in an unmistakable French accent. Wary and reluctant, Lord Giles offers this stranger, a certain Monsieur Marcel Comtois, a place to stay despite all the whispers amongst the servants that the man is a rogue and worse, a spy for his countrymen. 

But Lili is not prepared for the dazzling devil that she bumbles into in her efforts to see the so-called rogue for herself. After a chance encounter Lili finds herself wondering about this strange man that she knows so little about… and wondering if she can get a grip on herself before she falls head over heels. Is he really a spy or just an unfortunate traveler as he claims? And how can she ever reconcile herself to the fact that the man she loves will part in just a few days’ time, likely never to be seen in Ulwell again?

Warning! This ebook contains scenes of passion and desire. For adult eyes only!!!

6 juillet

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