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My Mom taught me many things as I was growing up, but what I cherish most of all is that she taught me how to cook. When I was a little, we spent many weekends in the kitchen baking wonderful desserts. Through the week I remember rushing home from school to those warm and magical smells from the kitchen that would fill the entire house. I can still remember when I would open our front door, and the smell of cakes and pies, cobblers and cookies that would greet me at the door. My Mother was a great cook. Some of her cakes and pies were legendary! To me anyway. I grew up in the kitchen watching my mom bake and cook and I was always eager to crack the eggs or mix a bowl of frosting or flatten the peanut butter cookies with a fork. She would teach me so much about cooking over the years. We made a lot of homemade gifts from the kitchen to give to friends and family. And I learned through watching her that you can show so much love and nurturing through cooking. Home Sweet Home is filled with her magical recipes that made our house feel like home. Proceeds from the sale of my books go to support the NO KILL Advocacy Group in their efforts to save the lives of dogs and cats in this country who are killed unnecessarily while waiting in shelters for their forever home. Over 6 million dogs and cats were killed last year because no one adopted them in time. We can change that. Please help me in my efforts and my support for animal rights and bring change.

Cuisine et vin
22 novembre
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