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"Older women, are beautiful lovers." So goes the song made famous by country crooner Ronnie McDowell in 1981. And he was right. For years, younger men of a certain type have always enjoyed the company of older women. The mystery, the worldliness, the experience - it's all something young men crave, and something many young women lack.

The phenomenon of younger men having relationships with older women is nothing new. Silver screen legend Mae West, who coined the phrase, "Why don't you come up and see me some time?" kept a harem of young men well into her 60s. Catherine the Great, the sexually independent Russian ruler, had a string of younger lovers, and the last one was 40 years her junior. Celebrity couples with an older women in recent years have included Courtney Cox and David Arquette (7-year difference), Vivica Fox and rapper 50 Cent (11-year difference), Cher and Rob Camilletti (18-year difference), and Madonna and Brahim Zaibat (29-year difference). And, of course, there's Demi Moore who is 16 years older than her now-estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher.


To get a man, any man, you have to put yourself out there. To get a younger man requires a little more work because some might overlook you automatically. This isn't because you're not attractive, it's simply because most men are hardwired to look for women their own age or younger. To find him, you must seek him.

Join an online dating site, whether it's one designed specifically for cougar-cub romances or one that caters to mainstream romances. Whichever site you choose, be specific in your age limits. How old is too old? And how young is too young? Use an attractive recent photo, preferably a headshot where you're smiling or otherwise look appealing. Keep it classy, though. You want him to be curious to know more about you, not about how fast he can bed you.

Pick up a hobby that interests you, but one which also attracts young men. Do you enjoy skiing? Join a singles club that welcomes all ages for skiers. Any outdoor activity such as hiking, bicycling and boating often have young, male devotees. Don't start heading to NASCAR races if you really don't enjoy it, but don't skip out on something simply because it might not attract younger men. Cooking classes are often filled with young men. You'd be surprised at how many 20-something men are picking up sewing! Don't worry if the object of your desire isn't single. Strike up a conversation with him anyway. He probably has plenty of single friends!...

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How to Date Younger Men

+ Dating Younger Men: An Introduction

+ First Things First: Evaluate Your Motives

+ Be an Active Participant in Life

+ Be Assertive and Confident

+ ...and much more

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