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I am Willie. I love God. I love people. I love life. My greatest enemy was “I”. What I wanted to be like, I was not. My words were like ropes of sand, no binding power. I cried for change!

I was told that the study of Revelation would change my life forever. That it would cause a transformation not humanly possible. That I would experience the hand of God as He removed the “stone heart” out of my flesh and in its place give me a “heart of flesh”; a heart that would beat in unionism with His Son’s heart. The end result is – I would be like Him.

For years I stumbled around in the book of Revelation, always realizing that people were giving me their interpretation. It was as if the voice of God was silent to me. I wanted Him to talk to me, to walk with me in the garden. Amidst the storm I heard nothing. No ground shaking experience. Then one day in “silence” God spoke.

Not in my wildest dream was I prepared for what this Bible study method “Mind-mapping in Reverse” would do for me.

To study until the birds woke the sun became a common occurrence in my devotional time.

Because it’s visual, the mind automatically draws, links and relates things to each other. The “study” immediately becomes easier to understand and easier to learn and remember.

If it was easy for me, just think how easy it will be for you!

This guidebook will enable you to think more liberally and will provide you with tools that will help you make most marvelous discoveries.

Welcome to an incredible journey!

Santé et bien-être
15 octobre
Willie van Heerden