How Verbal Physiotherapy Works, Using Social Delight to Defeat Social Harm, for All

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This book is based on 60 years medical experience, including a special interest in philosophical issues such as Determinism, Intent, Free Will, sanity, and the barest bones of medical practice and healthcare. It is written in response to the rigid orthodoxy currently prevailing among medical editors, and in the dire medical consequences of the medical mistakes the "psychiatrists' bible" makes, which my recent blog describes, with evidence, as "MEDICALLY speaking, the DSM is unfinished business. That’s the polite version - there’s worse. “The DSM authorises slip-shod or sub-standard medical practice” - a more realistic verdict, which medical editors cannot stomach. "

A recent newspaper article shows the tip of the iceberg of the problem. Thus Monday 23 July 2018 The Guardian --

Sexual assaults Link to mental illness

"Four out of five teenage girls who have been sexually assaulted are suffering from crippling mental health problems months after their attack, research has found.
. . . . Experts said the findings had confirmed that becoming a victim of abuse in childhood could lead to mental health issues, which could last a lifetime."

Denis Campbell

SEXUAL HARM, social harm – both are now rampant – whatever happened to social delight? Where did that get so lost? High time we did something about it, urgently – but what?

THIS BOOK is based on the one and only provable, repeatable, uniquely validated, objective and scientific fact in the whole of psychiatry, past, present, or future. Blind faith or pre-beliefs, not required. There won’t be another – machines can’t scan minds – humans find it hard enough. I guarantee this applies to every single one of these traumatised girls, without exception.
BRAINSCANS prove that trauma blocks your frontal lobes, giving you a mini-stroke – turning off your thinking.
Verbal Physiotherapy turns it back on – well, that’s my story – see if you agree?

Dr Bob Johnson, author, trained as a psychiatrist, both in the UK and the USA, but having objected to the use of ECT, Electro-shock Treatment, which he regarded as barbaric, equivalent to the ducking stool, and no better, he was blocked from further psychiatric promotion. He moved into family medicine, where, after 19 years and much toil, he identified frontal blockages clinically – a pathology since confirmed by brainscan. He pursued his research into the traumatic origins of violence by working for 5 years as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, UK. His work there eliminated alarm bells for three years - down from 20 a year to zero - a record for any maximum security wing.

Always interested in what we know, what we can know, and what we can’t – he recently delved into the interminable enigmas of Quantum Physics, asking how Uncertainty, which reigns there, would help or hinder clinical healthcare. His conclusion, that it’d be a healthcare disaster, clarifies what's left for us, namely our purposes, our meanings, our ‘intents’ – by harnessing these directly, wonders happen. The book describes how healthcare thinking differs from all others, in that it carries an inbuilt proportional penalty - the less real, true and accurate, the greater the risk of disease and of shortened longevity.

The essential message is the VIOLENCE is infantile - growing up eliminates it -there's an awful lot of growing up that needs to be done - but this book shows how.

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1 septembre
Bob Johnson

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