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We bear witness today to the emergence of various work-related illnesses, such as burnout. The employee suffers, and the cost of this suffering amounts to billions of euros per year for each Member State of the European Union. It is now time for small, medium and large-scale companies, and for administrations, to include more humanism in their business model, thus fostering their staff’s fulfilment while taking into account the economic imperatives of the market.

This is what the “Hu-Man” label offers, a resolutely European project by its design and values, combining growth and humanism.
The companies and administrations wishing to obtain this label must be committed to respect a number of principles based on social cohesion, gender equality and inclusion; all of which are presented in this book.
Today, companies can no longer neglect the human factor; it has even become a critical social and economic issue in the race for competitiveness.
Adopting “Hu-Man” is not only believing in your company but above all believing in the future, together.

Aurélien Herquel was set to pursue a career in international finance after working for years as an auditor, an anti-money laundering officer, a risk manager and a compliance officer for major American groups around the world. But, after one of his colleagues passed away in front of him at the office, he decided to focus on the human.
It was on that faithful day that “Hu-Man” was born.

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14 mai
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