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In the era of the women emancipation in the developed civilized countries, it is more and more difficult for a man who was brought up on the base of the patriarchal traditions to meet a woman who shares his views. So men more and more often turn their eyes towards the post-Soviet countries where live the most satisfying (in all senses of the word) women in the world. That may explain why a lot of frauds are still using it Russian brides in selfish ends.
Perhaps you know such situation: A single man meets a beautiful "Russian girl" on a dating site and then corresponding start, during which she certainly makes hints to the man that she has no future in Russia, around her is only mediocrity, local men are alcoholics and rude guys, and that she wants to be with someone who'd tear her out of the place and take away to a fairy tale. She wants to love and to be loved. Potential chosen one invites her to visit him. But it turns out that "a girl" is not able to come as a country is poor, salary is low and she cannot afford the airplane tickets. And plus expenses for visa and for other payments, or sudden difficulties with close relatives. But for the true love money is not a barrier. A man is in love and it's not a problem to pay the costs if a “girl” come to him. He is a man and therefore can solve any problem. He sends money, good that Western Union is working properly and "girl" ... disappears.
Thanks to merciless frauds who regularly cheat large sums of money from unlucky foreign fiancés, Russian girls are disgraced to the whole world and now they have a reputation of cheats. In fact millions of lonely and wonderful women in Russia need foreign men as much as foreign men need such women. Perhaps even more.
Our advisors on Russian women and all sorts of risks associated with them will give you lessons that you need to protect your interests in the process of communication with brides from Russia. The lessons based on the first-class research of the talented psychologist. The lessons based on the advices of a professional detective. And the most interesting thing is lessons based on the revelations of the former crook man who had made a huge fortune by impersonating as Russian beauties. You can trust their proven strength. And above all, the know-how which is working for you from now.
After reading this book, you will be able to find beloved woman without being shocked hypocrisy of the frauds that deprives a lot of men.

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26 février
Galina Mazurenko

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