Insulin Resistance Diet 101 & Cookbook: Beginner's Guide with Recipes and Updated with the Newest Scientific Information About Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

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You CAN take control of your health again, and with this book you WILL overcome insulin resistance and get your life back!

This book is a Beginner's Guide written for people exactly like YOU! People who are either already suffering from symptoms of insulin resistance, or people with prediabetes who know that if they don't change their way of life, they will be going down a dangerous path. Please make the necessary changes before its too late.

If you already suffer from diabetes, prediabetes, or just symptoms of insulin resistance, there is GOOD NEWS! And that is that you are in full control of your own fate when fighting this disease. YOU have the power (and soon the knowledge) to make the necessary dietary and exercise-related changes in your life to get back to living a healthy and lively life. You don't need any medications, all you need to cure yourself is to improve your eating and exercising habits. It really is that simple. You have chosen through your own actions to be in the situation you are today, and you can choose to end that. Take control of your life and take in it the right direction. I hope you can become motivated enough to make a change. Do it for yourself.

This book isn’t going to be like the other books you’ve read about trying to get healthy by losing weight and exercising.  At least it’s not only going to be about that.  This book is going to appeal to you by getting to the bottom of why you’re where you are in the first place.  Certainly, some of this is within your control.  After all, we could all exercise more and eat healthier. But we will get into all of the details later, inside of this book. 

However, I will give you a sneak peak of exactly what you will learn when you purchase this book. And some of those things are:

- What exactly insulin resistance is, and how we can treat it
- How in control are you? The answer is VERY!
- What is the perfect amount of exercise?
- How to set up your Insulin Resistance Diet
- Insulin Resistance Action Plan

Not to mention the entire cookbook section that includes over 50 recipes for you to try at home. Here are a few recipes included, just to name a few:

- Healthy Tuna Burgers
- Ricotta & Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts
- Protein Packed Spinach Lasagna
- Peanut Butter Cookies
- Cinnamon-Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothies
- Healthy Pizza
- And many, many more!

So PLEASE, do yourself this favor and make the necessary changes to turn your life around. And it all begins here...

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10 juillet
Dexter Jackson

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