Iyetra - Volume 01: Prophecy Told Iyetra - Volume 01: Prophecy Told

Iyetra - Volume 01: Prophecy Told‪ ‬

(Iyetra Books 01 - 04)

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Iyetra - Volume 01: Prophecy Told contains Books 01 through 04.

Tela Niala is a newly-ascended Advent journeyman, part of a rare caste of individuals gifted with the ability to manifest and control magic. Regarded as leaders and politicians, the Advent are relied upon to keep society functioning in the centuries following an ancient cataclysm that shattered their world into tiny floating fragments. Protected from the Chaos and the corrupted beasts that make it their home, society continues beneath spell-powered shields, inside enchanted dirigibles and within towering buildings spread like fungal growth over the surface of drifting asteroids. Sent on her first diplomatic dispatch in her new role with the Advent government, Tela stumbles into the middle of a plot by cultists that could result in the destruction of an entire city. 

When a primeval enemy of demonic origin begins to awaken and stir, Tela is pushed into coming to terms with her own powers and her part in a prophecy that forecast the rise of an elder god and a threat to the safety of their entire civilisation. Tela's progression will have her facing down hostile spirits, mechanical zealots opposed to the use of magic entirely and the machinations of the enigmatic Matriarch -- whose manipulative leadership of the Advent is for purposes unknown and possibly counter to those of the people she governs. Iyetra is a fractured world of science and magic, demons and cultists, spread out across a cosmos populated on shattered pieces of an ancient planet. 

Approximately 120,000 words.

SF et fantasy
14 novembre
Joshua Meadows

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