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"Jack and Jill" (not an easy climb) is a rich account of the lonely life of Tina Mucka.  Tina was born the third SON to a French Canadian family in Keene, NH. For years Neal felt out of place in his body. He was depressed and had many learning disabilities, but most of all he was subjected to 19 electro shock therapy treatments for depression. As a result he lost his memory but not of the one crucial event in his life. He didn't forget the loss of his young father and his struggle to survive a violent death.

Tina, born Neal Trudelle knew his thoughts and feelings of what it was like to be born living in the wrong body. Without having a sense of humor, Neal wouldn't be alive today. He was looked upon as an outcast, especially when he was born on December 24, 1943.  In those day's doctors, let alone his naive parents, knew nothing about a person being born with two distinctive hormones, one male, the other being female. His male parts were very small and he started developing breasts at a young age.

In this non-fiction book, Tina describes growing up with the feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and finally coming to terms with the problem at hand. She lived in a make believe world.

Tina's encounters with the "gay" life, transvestites, and the close friends she found that were like herself in many ways, is portrayed vividly with nothing held back. Tina lived in two different worlds and was always in a self-induced fog from the many pills, alcohol and drugs she took to overcome her afflictions. Tina was admitted, repeatedly, to mental facilities and gives an accurate account of these experiences.


Author Bio: As an imaginative only child, I began writing at an early age, often skipping high school classes to attend journalism and creative writing classes with my friend, at his school, Boston University. Self-raising four daughters while establishing a career as an electrologist / esthetician, I owned a large day spa for 32 years. I have written murder/mystery/comedy dinner theater shows that ran for eight years in the Greater Boston area. I taught art to youngsters and adults and visited art museums throughout the world. On one of my trips I was fortunate to visit the Huntington in San Marino, California. I was mesmerized when I saw all the beautiful first editions and numerous art collections. This visit gave me the inspiration to write "Beyond Murder". Also written by this author – Web of Deceit

keywords: Transgender, Transsexual, Androgynous, Sex Change, New Hampshire, Gender, Mixed Genes, Marriage, Chromosomes

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