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We are being watched....The world on which we depend is coming to an end due to our uncontrolled over consumption of natural resources and excessive waste which pollutes the environment that permits our very existence. Jack Lightfoot finds he is able to alternate between his life as a suburban child and that of a variety of wild animals with which he is able to communicate, to find out about the harm that humanity is inflicting on the natural world. Gradually the truth is revealed, if the wildlife of the earth is the ‘canary in the mine’, the implications for mankind are clear. Everything is connected, everything in balance, everything matters. From the smallest micro-organism to the largest whale, the web of life is adapted to the wider environment which we alter at our peril, for we all drink from the same well.
Like the shamen of native cultures, Jack is blessed with insight and seeing. The problem is how to communicate his visions and dreams to the powers that be, for he is on a collision course with his parents, teachers, police, church and government all of whom have their own interests at heart and stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being revealed. It becomes apparent he is not the first human to be granted such insights; he treads the path of the Celtic kings of myth and legend before the time of recorded history. Jack has a number of adventures with a variety of creatures which enable him to learn of threats to the earth, air and water and ultimately ourselves. Increasingly bizarre animal behaviour makes people aware of the need for change, even the politicians start to take notice and wonder how long their tenuous hold on power will last.
He is summoned to a council of all the wildlife of the world presided over by the Lords of the Realms of earth, air and water. Humanity is presented with an ultimatum; to change its wasteful ways or be destroyed; revert to a more simple respectful relationship with the earth and all its inhabitants or to be left in sole charge of affairs as wildlife disappears in what appears to be a mass extinction due to climate change. Alternatively the intervention of an ancient race of dragons put in place to prevent its destruction will unleash a reign of fire to cleanse the earth. The priorities of humanity will change from leisure and the search for profit at the expense of the environment to survival in a changing world increasingly short of resources. Ironically the apolitical, atheistic Jack is drawn to the heart of government during an international right wing religious uprising, as revolutionary animal behaviour is played out the streets of London. The fate of the earth hangs in the balance; the world’s media gather to see whether one boy can save the day, whether insight and learning is enough to convince the leaders and heads of religion of the most powerful nations on earth to change their ways and earn the respect of their people or continue on their path of destruction with scant regard for the consequences. . Will they make difficult choices or will they be forced by supernatural powers beyond their control?

SF et fantasy
20 janvier
KJ Revell

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