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Trevor Marriott is a retired British Police murder squad detective, and leading Ripper expert, who since 2002 has been conducting a cold case investigation into The Whitechapel Murders of 1888 which were attributed to a fearsome unknown killer who came to be known as Jack the Ripper. For the past 130 years this mystery has captivated the imagination of people worldwide and still does today.
In fact over the ensuing years, the mystery has deepened so much that the truth about the murders has been totally obscured. Innumerable press stories, books, plays, films and even musicals have dramatized and distorted the facts, with the unfortunate result that the public have now accepted the fiction more readily than the facts, and as a result have been misled by what they have seen and read.

His ongoing investigation uncovered new evidence which now dispels many of the original accepted theories surrounding this mystery for over 130 years. Marriott now firmly believes that the killer did not remove the organs from the victims at the crime scenes as has been previously thought. He assembled a specialist medical team in an attempt disprove this theory. Further new evidence gathered also now eliminates the "prime suspects" who have been continuously investigated for the past 130 years.

He has now finally concluded his long and protracted cold case investigation in which he uncovered startling new evidence and new facts, which now not only dispel, but shatter the myth that has been, Jack the Ripper for 130 years. The real truth can now be told.

This new publication incorporates new material not contained in the previous publications "Jack the Ripper-A 21st Century Investigation"(2002) and "Jack the Ripper- the secret police files"(2013) and now includes new evidence, new facts, amd picture and illustrations obtained in the interim periods of time

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2 novembre
Trevor Marriott

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