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Since 1908, when an object from space exploded over Siberia and caused the Tunguska blast, that same region has been the frequent site of multiple space object impacts. And yet, very little research has been done on the objects or the blasts.

In 2030, a Russian miner discovers something in a coal mine beneath the location of the 1947 Sikhote Alinsk explosion in Siberia. What at first was thought to be an unexploded WWII bomb is revealed to be something else entirely. The Russians shut the site down, conduct a massive military buildup, and launch some cover story about a mining accident.

American scientist Anita Raymie isn't buying it. She and her handsome boss, CIA agent Gary Dannon, and their US government team of scientists are ordered to investigate. The White House very much wants to know what the Russians are doing.

As Anita and her team study surveillance and satellite data from the mine area, she discovers an eyewitness to the Sikhote Alinsk event, Russian defector Michael Antelov, who is still alive and living in America. She meets him and learns what he saw in 1947, and this leads to Anita presenting her findings to the U.S. president and secretary of defense.

In the midst of all these developments, Anita and Gary are forced to acknowledge romantic feelings for one another. But that will have to wait, because the team finds that the Russians are hiding an object that is definitely not a World War 2 bomb. Russian archeologists and scientists study the find and discover that it is an object not from earth. It's a suspended animation case that is keeping its alien occupant alive.

SF et fantasy
19 mai
Nathan Mouery

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