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Jamesie, King of Scratch. Produced and directed by Andrea E. Leland. AndreaLelandFilms, LLC., 2006. DVD. 70 minutes. In Jamesie, King of Scratch, filmmaker Andrea Leland presents a portrait of Crucian musician, James "Jamesie" Brewster. A talented performer, Jamesie's contributions to the history and development of the music now called quelbe are well known in the Caribbean, particularly by people in the Leeward Islands. Shot mainly in St. Croix USVI, Denmark and the continental United States, Leland's film is organized into three acts. The first touches on Jamesie's life, Crucian culture and quelbe's historical background, the second follows Jamesie on trips to Denmark and mainland United States, and the third documents his return to St. Croix from overseas. The film begins in St. Croix with Jamesie building a sardine-pan banjo-ukulele from scratch. Viewers are drawn in by the sound of him working--a hand held power sander and a machete chopping up a comb for parts are in remarkable balance with insects chirping in the background. This acoustic space envelops the viewer until finally, Jamesie-as-narrator proclaims, "No man could afford to buy instruments. Everything to ... if you was a musician and you want to go and play music, you had to find a way to get this instrument." The scene ends with Jamesie putting the finishing touches on and, finally, tuning the instrument. We next see him on a beach, gently singing and accompanying himself on his new banjo-ukulele.

Essais et sciences humaines
1 juillet
Instituto de Estudios del Caribe

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