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Janus Payette's transformation from homeless ex-cop to recovering alcoholic to private detective is complete. He has escaped from some bad memories and difficult connections in San Francisco and has landed in Morro Bay. His escape works until his past catches up to him in the form of request from a powerful politico who keeps him on a retainer. Janus considers it a short leash. Janus is asked to take on a case involving commercial fishing, drugs and gun running. He is obviously hesitant but is wined and dined by a powerful Portuguese fisherman and his family. Janus decides to take the case and is introduced to the violent acts of piracy when he is shown first hand what happens at sea when the pirates meet resistance from the fishermen. Death results and trawlers are sunk, beached or burned. This leads Janus off into a world with connections to Mexican drug cartels and right wing militias. His investigation leads him from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara to Catalina and several points up and down the coast. He is held captive inland by a group targeting the takeover of the government. With the help of a close friend in state narcotics he is freed. Janus tracks down the drug lord in charge of the operation and kills him. Case closed? Probably but new and old connections were waiting for him in San Francisco and he isn't sure he is ready for any of them. For him everything in that town has something rotten tied to it.

Essais et sciences humaines
1 octobre

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