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Jayden is back with his friends Chad, Zora, and their new friend, Mateo. Together, they are an ambitious, adventurous crew who come up with the brilliant idea to buy a basketball hoop for them to share when they are hanging out at Jayden's house.

When Jayden shares the idea with his dad, he is shocked when his father informs him that buying the hoop is not part of the family's financial goals. If Jayden and his friends want a basketball hoop, they would have to buy it with their own money. 

The crew was not expecting to use their own cash to get what they wanted, but the resourceful bunch was determined to make it happen! The crew put their heads together and figured out a way to buy the basketball hoop. Not only do they learn basic money principles of setting goals and earning, spending, and saving money, they also became young entrepreneurs!

In Jayden & Friends: Making Sense of Cents, your young readers will fall in love with this heartwarming tale filled with lessons about working hard, setting goals, making money, and working together. These are lessons they will be able to apply to their lives for many years to come!

All of the books in the Jayden & Friends series, I Am Me, Jayden & Zora's Crown, and now Jayden & Friends: Making Sense of Cents, are great additions to children's bookshelves globally. They are great for encouraging reading and teaching lessons about celebrating who you are, loving and accepting others, and appreciating our differences and similarities. 

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