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Jazz: Monster Collector, the serialized adventures of Mirth’s only deferred species bond collector. Stories just the right size for your commute, lunch break, or anytime you want a fast, exciting read. Want more? Follow episode by episode as Jazz seeks to uncover the secret force behind the inter-dimensional takeover of the planet she loved, a little place once called Earth.

Episode 17- Broken:

Despite her best efforts, Jazz is still very much alive. But she’s facing multiple warrants, she’s homeless, she’s eliminated most of her enemies and the latter is making her really depressed. With nowhere else to turn, Jazz and her loyal followers hide themselves away in Uncle’s underground submarine. Just when she thinks she might die of boredom, Ship arrives home, but he’s missing something, namely that demon soul Jazz always found so annoying. So why is she missing it? What happened to Ship? Who happened to Ship? Before Jazz can answer these questions, she going to have to answer the door and it’s not the welcoming committee come knocking.

Jazz, Monster Collector, Season One: Earth’s Lament:

Jazz is a deferred species bond collector, which is a polite way of saying, Monster Hunter. She hunts them and whenever she can she destroys them. Her hatred for the bvorcs, goblins, trolls, and fairies that live side by side with humans on the magically conjoined planets called Mirth runs deep. But only Jazz knows why, how deep, and what she’s willing to do to express it. But Jazz’s greatest enemy is the invisible power behind the hostile takeover that destroyed the Earth that she remembers. And that’s one enemy Jazz probably won’t live to face.

A fast paced futuristic serial with a touch of noir and a lot of trouble.

SF et fantasy
14 novembre
Tricorner Publishing

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