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Behind each door a new horror. Within each room a new terror.

The Tilbost House has stood since 1780 in the pastoral Abingdon region of Oxfordshire, England and will stand for 100 years more. But when Professor Andrew Addison of Oxford's Department of Anthropology unlocks the doors to the abandoned house that once belonged to London's most evil and infamous occult scholar, Jebidiah Smith, he never knew he was unlocking the fear that has laid dormant within since 1869. Reeling from the death of Nathan Smith, his graduate student and a descendant of Jebidiah Smith himself, the trail leads him to confront the house's parade of unbelieving guests; the paranormal investigations group; the detective, the curator, and the disillusioned heir to the house searching to answer the question of life after death.

But the house is far from deserted. For after a century of death, disappearances and sightings, Professor Addison and his colleagues have come to discover the secrets of Tilbost House. Something from those ancient eons, from outside time calls from the halls which once held the fearful Book of Gates, the tome Jebidiah Smith brought forth into our world. Something that will lead them to the ultimate horror... in the unimaginable presence of the First Gods.

From Rolando R. Gutierrez comes a tale of the supernatural, science and forbidden lore-a companion to The Gospels of Izal -and complete with illustrations and a generous appendix.

Our PDF bonus "The Gospels of Izal Promotional Comic" is included with each ePub as a downloadable link within the ebook.

Romans et littérature
3 septembre
Rolando R Gutierrez

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