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This story takes place in a world of magic found in few novels today. A world of magic with no zombies, vampires, werewolves or other magical creatures. A world where only people with the mage gene can wield magic. If you travel to this world and arrive in the United Kingdom in the early part of the twenty-first century, you may encounter Jennifer Bauer.

Jennifer Bauer ranks high among mages, though she’s only seventeen. Intelligence strongly correlates with mage abilities, and Jennifer’s 180 IQ exceeds that of all mages in the United Kingdom. Most mages assume that her great magic skills come from her braininess. Few know that she diligently practices to improve her already excellent mage skills.

Mages have remained hidden in modern times despite the existence of 350,000 mages worldwide. The UK Council of Mages decreed centuries ago that mages must blend in with regular people (norms). Children must attend conventional schools. Therefore, Jennifer attends secondary school despite qualifying for college three years ago. Jennifer reads college textbooks and classic literature during her classes to lessen the boredom. She doesn’t blend in, but others ascribe that to being a genius.

Jennifer’s concerns about blending in and boredom end suddenly when a group of sociopathic mages torture and murder her best friend, Sarah. Jennifer suppresses her grief and organizes a small cadre of apprentice mages and one master mage to go after the killers who call themselves Bad Souls. The cadre’s initial successes turn to tragedy when Bad Souls set an ambush, and Jennifer’s boyfriend, Sergei, is killed. The death of Sergei five weeks after losing Sarah crushes Jennifer. She tries to wall away grief, but she misjudges and walls away herself.

A month later, Jennifer hears the souls of Sarah and Sergei and wakes from catatonia. They ask Jennifer to capture the rest of the Bad Souls and prepare for bigger tasks. Jennifer takes three weeks to return to her pre-catatonia physical condition. She hones her magic skills beyond her previous levels. She takes the Master-level exam to prove she has recovered. She gets record high scores on every component of the exam and becomes the youngest Master in history.

The resurrected cadre captures more evil mages. However, during one raid, the Bad Souls leader, Master Cruptor, curses Jennifer and two other cadre members. The curse causes realistic nightmares based on ones strongest subconscious thoughts. In Jennifer’s nightmare, she burns to death. Her screams of agony tear her vocal cords. Jennifer subjects herself to two weeks of pain conditioning that trains her to grasp something instead of scream when in severe pain. A Doctor of Magic now can repair Jennifer’s vocal cords. A few days later, a cadre of master mages joins with Jennifer’s cadre in the final confrontation with the Bad Souls. The good mages win without casualties, but Master Cruptor is killed. The secrets of the curse die with him.

Jennifer no longer attends school. She spends eight months at the mage hospital learning healing magic. Jennifer discovers a different method of magic that is more flexible and powerful than standard magic. Her magic skills increase exponentially. Five weeks after Jennifer’s discovery of new magic, Mage Administration detects another person using such magic. Jennifer meets eleven-year-old Lahni who becomes her apprentice. They learn from each other, and they soon become honorary sisters. Jennifer easily captures evil mages using her new magic.

Two months later, more torture-murders occur the UK. Some UK sociopathic mages got worse, and some evil mages came from the Continent. One pair tortures and murders a mage family. An enraged Jennifer uses her new magic to go after all the evil mages in Europe. She pushes herself too hard and imperils her life.

SF et fantasy
18 août
Gregory Tetrault

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