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Judgment is going on at this moment in the courts of heaven. The dead and the living are being judged. Jesus is coming back to earth soon to take his children home to heaven. Many signs of Jesus’ soon return are being fulfilled. Scientist, the media and others are baffled, people are wondering what is going on. Strange things are happening, and this book seeks to explain some of what is going on from the bible.
Flooding, earthquakes, season changes not normal, crime at a high time rate and is only getting worse. Storms, tornadoes, lighting strikes more rapid than before, fires out of control, drought, hurricanes, typhoons, hail the size of golf balls, lives are lost as people are flooded out of their homes, and streets become large lakes, famines, diseases at an alarming rate and so much more. People watch helplessly as their homes are destroyed, and they are left homeless. Job loss is at a high time high, foreclosure, marriage failure, and suicides on the rise.
It is of vital importance that you surrender your lives to the Lord, turn from your sins. All of us have sinned and in need of a Savior.

This book is uniquely different because it does not mix error with facts. It will lead you straight to the bible with supporting text, and gets straight to the point. You will find honesty and information for the last days of earths closing history. The author seeks to connect with the reader as if speaking to them face to face.

The Lord has given me a message for his people, and to help others who have not surrendered themselves to the Lord, to wake them up, to make them realize that salvation is free to them. There is a harvest of souls to be saved, and the devil has stepped his attacks on the world, because his reign of terror is coming to an end very soon. If only the world would understand what is at hand and that their eternal life hangs in the balance. WAKE UP, WAKE UP, all those who slumber and sleep, Jesus is coming back soon.

Religion et spiritualité
25 août
Verna E. MacKay

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