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Jodi Arias is accused of the premeditated murder of her lover, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him, slitting his throat, and shooting him in the head. But could such a lovely and vivacious young woman really be a monster? And was the crime committed during a re-enactment of the shower-scene knife murder from the movie "Psycho"?

This is the best-written, most comprehensive, and most objective account of the Jodi Arias case available anywhere on the Internet. This little book tells you everything you need to know to understand this intriguing case. Written by a best-selling true crime writer, it’s impartial and based on numerous sources, including testimony from before and during the trial.

The author's biography of serial killer Ted Bundy has been included in both a list of the 100 top-selling electronic biographies of criminals, and in a list of the 100 top-selling books (both electronic and print) about serial killers.

This book is approximately 6000 words--perfect for reading on your tablet computer, smart phone, e-reader, or other electronic device. That means you can read it and learn something new, no matter where you are. Short enough to be read in 1 or 2 lunch breaks, this ebook delivers a fascinating overview of a compelling subject. Now instead of just wasting time, you can spend your lunch break learning something new—with this Lunch Break book!

A portion of the proceeds from this book is donated to charity, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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29 avril
KAW Publishing

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