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As Emily arrived at his home in Colorado and became his ward she had been full of curiosity and eagerness to show her appreciation for Martin’s generosity. They had eaten at both of the small restaurants in town several times and at his parent’s home a few times as well. She got up one morning a said she wanted to cook their supper that day for both he and his parents. Only he didn’t know she had been eying Mr. Jones’s prize pet guinea pig as the main meat entree’. Martin had been in his study for most of the day stopping in the kitchen to check on her from time to time to see if she needed his help. Martin had related the story about the meal Emily had cooked for him at the hotel in her country the month before. His parent’s had arrived right on time with a bottle of wine to go with the meal and were eager to try out Emily’s cooking. Throughout the day as he was writing the aroma of Emily’s dishes had his mouth watering and he looked forward to Emily’s fine dishes that evening. Emily’s meal was a home run for him and his parents, not only had they been impressed with Emily’s cooking skills despite her history. They had fallen in love with the girl and consequently dad began picking her up from school and took her home to spend time with them. She didn’t know any better when she’d cooked that meal but she had stirred up trouble for him with his neighbors; most especially with Mr. Jones. A few days after that meal that Emily cooked, Martin had gone to ask the butcher in town if he could purchase some more of that wild game for it had been so tender and tasty. The butcher had answered you must be thinking of wild rabbit? No I’m certain it wasn’t Martin had replied he’d eaten wild rabbit and this meat dish had, had a sweet taste to it. Perhaps it was a spice that Emily had put on it when she cooked it then Mr. Salazar the Butcher had replied. As he came home from the butcher’s shop Martin had ran into Mr. Jones his next door neighbor and Mr. Jones was frantic as his prized pet guinea pig had ran away or had been stolen. Mr. Salazar hadn’t sold Emily and meat that day and to his knowledge he had been out of everything except bacon. The day of the meal Martin hadn’t thought of asking Emily what kind of meat she had served him only that it had been delicious and as tender as it could be. Oh no Martin had thought she couldn’t have? Martin hurried into the house to call his parent’s house. His dad answered the phone; dad is Emily there? Yes son she’s at the table doing her home work, is anything the matter? No dad but could you put Emily on the phone? A few seconds later he heard Emily answering hello, this is Emily. Martin spoke how is the home work going? Fine Martin; your dad sure knows his math. My dad’s a successful contractor and wouldn’t be if he didn’t know math well.

SF et fantasy
27 août
Lgoo Books

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