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This autobiography gives an account of significant events in a life that rose and fell. It will detail how I ended up taking the path of crime, going from a world traveler and student to an internationally wanted bank robber.

The book begins with an account of ‘The Hole’: a segregation unit in an American jail. As this harrowing experience deepens, I reflect on the past – going back to childhood and adolescence. The reader will see how a series of adventures and discoveries led me to pursue building an international organisation that could address world poverty, exploitation, and oppression.

From prison to prison, the past will be unraveled, culminating in a series of robberies on banks and bookmakers that escalate both in risk and daring. Even as I justified these actions by becoming a self-styled ‘Robin Hood’ figure, which later captivated the attention of the British press, this book will demonstrate how dreams and good intentions can go tragically wrong.

The nature of this autobiography has an underlying philosophical foundation. Themes of discovery, loss and redemption run throughout. All the frustration and angst of early youth is exemplified, together with the problems of overcoming social exclusion and first-time imprisonment.

Just Sky is a warning to those who may be tempted to follow crime, a lesson to those who take life for granted, and - above all - a story of enticing possibility. Many questions are answered, but still more are posed.

Essais et sciences humaines
14 décembre
Stephen G.D Jackley

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