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Raised by a strong-willed, restless father, the author’s largely secular upbringing provided material security but little room for spiritual development. Leaving home at seventeen, his journey through life led him overseas, first as a student, then as a soldier, to employment as a journalist in Europe, and later as a legal investigator in raucous, war-torn Vietnam.

As the world around him grew more and more chaotic, Davidson yearned for some quiet—and peace. During an extended sojourn in Southeast Asia he found both, in sanctuaries as disparate as Catholic churches and Buddhist temples, but his spiritual thirst persisted.

Just Think: A Personal Journey to God through Faith and Reason weaves together Roman Catholic insights with other sources from the far corners of the world’s literary and theological heritage. The book describes how faith and reason finally meshed, enabling the author to formulate a coherent and fulfilling world view centered on Jesus Christ.

Told through a series of short, intensely personal stories focused on highlights of the author’s extensive travels and spiritual illuminations, Just Think invites us all to take time to consider where we are in the world, what brought us here, and where we’re going. This is not a book which preaches; it is a book which merely asks the reader to keep an open mind while reading one man’s story. And, above all, it asks each and every one of us to take some time and, simply, just think.


From the Author: My book, JUST THINK, is a series of short essays or meditations written in the first person. Each essay is keyed to a significant event or insight in my life, and linked to a particular tenet or element of Christianity, specifically Roman Catholicism. I use quotations from world literature, as well as the Holy Bible, to clarify my points. The first chapter of the book is entitled "An Invitation," and that is just what it is: an invitation for the reader to participate in my intellectual and spiritual journey which led to my conversion to the Catholic faith. The book is not dogmatic; it does not seek to persuade others but rather recounts how I myself became persuaded. 

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4 février
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