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He’s done it again! Your favorite, beloved urban poet and rhythmical genius, with a knack for his clever

play on words, Michael E. Reid, is back with More Than Words! A highly anticipated compilation of poems

with messages to speak to your mind, heart, and soul— he is opening up and lending an ear and a word to support you in the work you need to do to better yourself and the world around you, starting with your role and the affect you have in the lives of those

around you! In Just Words, you let him tell you all about himself in hopes that the lessons he’s learned the hard way and experiences that made him better might benefit and grow you mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and now he has words for YOU! Having bared all in his first book, Mike has written Just Words 2 as a platform to address a spectrum of issues penetrating the lives and minds of many of us within

mainstream society, bringing awareness and accountability to the forefront in hopes of inspiring change yet again. So if you started with him then, realize where you are now and know that it may not be the beginning, but there’s still work to be done and

progress to be made—in your relationships, your neighborhoods, your families and in YOU, and the only

way you can address it is by working on everything one thing at a time.

Essais et sciences humaines
19 août
Michael E. Reid

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