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When Wade F. B. Thompson and Peter Orthwein teamed up in 1977 to buy an RV company called Hi-Lo, they had little idea that they would end up influencing the entire RV industry and becoming the biggest RV manufacturer in the world. From the most basic models to luxury travel accommodations, Thor’s RVs ply the highways and byways of countries in every climate.

Thor (the new company name formed by combining the first two letters of both Thompson and Orthwein) began during tumultuous times—the 1970s oil crisis and its aftermath on the economy. High interest rates, rationed fuel, and a weak economy took its toll on the RV industry. Thompson and Orthwein borrowed little, but wisely, invested in quality companies, and attracted and trained hard workers and savvy managers. Success paid off even as rivals faded away. 

Thor grew as the decades rolled on, buying other manufacturers—such as Airstream, Jayco, and Keystone—and designing and building RVs for an ever-developing market. Buyers can choose an RV that also transports horses, hauls four-wheel vehicles, or carries gear for skiing or surfing. Some RVs can sleep as many as 10 people and include amenities such as satellite television, Internet access, and faux fireplaces. 

The hunger for travel continues to rise, and a newer generation is looking for smaller, more self-contained ways to travel by RV. The manufacturers are listening, designing, and borrowing techniques from others to meet the demand. Thor and its new acquisition, Erwin Hymer Group in Europe, are already poised to fill this need. A new generation of RV travelers is ready to hit the road.

This enhanced eBook features audio quotes from key executives and personnel who were interviewed during the research for this book. Also included are external links to view related videos.

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