Kusta'ma Kare (Customer Care‪)‬

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Kustama KareThe journey

Kustama Kare pronounced (Customer Care) tells the fascinating story of a woman who attempts to change society by launching the worlds largest call centers named Kustama Kare. With services ranging from water, gas, electric and communications. Her goal is to drive customer service in every area of our lives and to bring back the simple pleasantries and mutual respect for each other as humans, regardless of race, nationality or social status. However, the main protagonists vision is faced with the challenges of bomb threats, kidnapping and media slanders by merely trying to change the 1-800 call experience. Kustama Kare is a book of many things adventure, drama, and suspense in keeping with a sense of humor.

The characters are non-defined in nationality because the author feels that ones race is not important. What the author does feel is important that we as people have to be better to one another than we currently are. That people are all the same no matter what their status in life.

A lively fusion of adventure, drama, suspense and a sprinkling of humor. It offers a creative vision of improving the way people interact with each other as well as to increase awareness of the need to better our society. People from all walks of life will be inspired by this wonderful story of lifes purpose and a vision that makes life worth living.

To hopefully change the way people interact with one another, rather youre the brain surgeon, house builder, pizza cutter, burger flipper, lawyer, wife, husband, take no one thing for granted. Believe that all things deserve thanks rather you are taking the call or making the call, making the coffee or mowing the lawn, preparing the meal, or paying the bills.

The authors goal is to drive customer service in every area of our lives and, to bring back simple pleasantries, and mutual respect for mankind from one another.

Kustama Kare is full of inspiration and affirmations, which anything can be, overcame, individually or collectively. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by chance and sometime by circumstances, and sometimes even by Kustama Kare.

The journey has begun!


What People are Saying

March 2007

Simply Amazing

When I began reading this book I dedicated a half hour to it before having some other tasks and meetings. By the 45 minute mark Id cancelled all my plans for the day determined to finish this book. Simply put, its very breathtaking. I very highly recommend this book to anyone; never has and one piece of literature affected me so. I feel like re-evaluating my lifestyle for the better. Definitely a must read!

--Richard Diaz

Feburary 2007.

Emotion Filled

Wow, the moment I received Kustama Kare I started reading it and I could not stop. I started crying right from the beginning as my heart swelled up and the tears started flowing. Then I just kept reading and it was like I was on the edge of my seat to find out what was going to happen next. The love story at the end was a tear jerking and I was crying all over again. I should have read this with a box of Kleenex. I was either on the edge of my seat or cracking up laughing, or crying. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to read this first, I am so thankful for that. I think this is a great story that will touch so many that can relate with having a vision, and taking a step and making a dream come true and having life happen in the middle of trying to accomplish the goal. I love the fact that even though she received a windfall of money there was always something she was longing for and once she started working on her vision the longing feelings disappeared because now she had purpose and vision. Wonderful and intriguing story thank you for writing this treasu

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8 février
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