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Her husband will divorce her for adultery, no matter the cost or the ruin it will deliver.

Knowing their love was doomed, Jenny accepted the the Duke of Burscough’s pragmatic and loveless proposal of marriage to force Jack, Baron of Guestwick and heir to the Marquess of Laceby, to marry as his family wished.

Now Burscough is determined to divorce Jenny in an outrageously scandalous and public manner, while the newspapers paw over her secrets and speculate about her morals and values, as well as those of the family who raised her.

It is no longer simply a matter of whether Jack and Jenny can ever be happy together.  Now, the great family itself is under attack.  Can it survive the public disgrace?

Law of Attraction
is the fifth book in the Scandalous Scions series, which brings together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

Reader Advisory:  This story contains frank sex scenes and sexual language.

This story is part of the Scandalous Scions series:

0.5 Rose of Ebony

1.0 Soul of Sin

2.0 Valor of Love

3.0 Marriage of Lies

3.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set 1

4.0 Mask of Nobility

5.0 Law of Attraction

6.0 Veil of Honor

6.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set 2

7.0 Season of Denial

8.0 Rules of Engagement

9.0 Degree of Solitude

10.0 Ashes of Pride

11.0 Risk of Ruin

12.0 Year of Folly

13.0 Queen of Hearts

A Sexy Historical Romance


Praise for Law of Attraction:

Could not put it down. The author's attention to period detail is wonderful. You really do not have to "suspend reality" when you read her historical novels.

I was mystified right up until the end. That is truly an amazing feat for an author to do for me.

The Scandalous Scions series just keeps getting better and better with each book of the series.

Jack refused to ever marry as long as Jenny was alive even though she was married to someone else. Can you get any more tragically romantic than that?

Cooper-Posey has a gift for writing unpredictable plots.

I loved the story and couldn’t put it down. A villain should never get away with treachery! Thanks, Tracy!

The ending surprised me! No spoilers here but this is one of the best volumes yet.

Strongly written, it's so compelling that I found myself reading until the wee hours. I literally couldn't put it down!

This installment of the Great Family series was engaging on a new level of viscerally-induced reactions.

I love how the author writes, she has a way of pulling you right into the story, you pray for a good outcome and marvel about the ingenious way they find a solution in the end. More please!

Talk about being on the edge of your seat! The Great Family always takes care of its own but boy was I ever unsure!

8 mars
Tracy Cooper-Posey

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