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Learning any second language is difficult, but Japanese has to be one of the more difficult ones to master. On top of the 3 writing systems, one of which has almost 2,000 characters, you still have all the regular components of a language such as verbs, adjectives, nouns, and grammar. There are several books available now that teach you how to learn the vast Japanese writing systems. There are equally as many books that teach grammar and verb conjugation. But there are few, if any, books that teach fast ways to learn the actual verbs and adjectives.

Learning Japanese Verbs and Adjectives Using Memory Mnemonics uses a creative approach to learning words fast, and more importantly, remembering them longer. Memory mnemonics, or triggers, are used to remind your brain where it just recorded some piece of information. Most people can learn most anything fast, but they have trouble with recollection.

This book uses triggers that sound like the verb and the meaning. For example, the verb for "to disturb or corrupt" is "midas". How can you remember this and differentiate it from the hundreds of other verbs. Using a memory trigger can make it easier to learn faster and remember longer. One trigger could be to think of King Midas. He was so corrupt with greed he turned everything to gold. So you can remember midas as corrupt King Midas.

Learning Japanese Verbs and Adjectives Using Memory Mnemonics contains triggers for 350 verbs and 126 adjectives. Then as a bonus there are trigger suggestions for an additional 102 verbs, that's over 450 verbs. Using this book you can quickly learn Japanese verbs and adjectives and nearly double your communication skill in a very short time.

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