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From now on, you can too! - Practical essoteric manuals: Chakra meditation, test, healing, colors, balancing, opening, activation, awakening, cleansing, seeing and so on... in a few minutes!

Title: "Learn quickly how to see the aura. It is really easy to see the aura, much easier than what you imagine. Trust us: it took us longer to write these two pages than what it will take you to learn how to see it."

Until 2009, I thought that all the holistic disciplines – acupuncture included – were full of …it. Then, by accident, I stepped into some small ‘quantic’ (?!) disks able to help relieve pain, insomnia, stress, hunger, wrinkles…These disks work through bio resonance with our body, without discharging any substance. Since they actually worked, I started studying bioenergy theories. I also learnt how to release and feel the energy coming from my hands (bio photons). And then, I met Milena…
- Marco Vincenzo Fòmia

I’ve always been fascinated by energy, frequencies, resonances and by the idea that special vibes are originated by everything that exists. Then, in 2012, I met Marco. I was intrigued by what he wrote about ‘magic disks’ and about the energy arising from a person’s hands, which anyone can use. Although we couldn’t agree on almost anything (or maybe because of it…?), we confronted our personal life experiences (his were much more earthy than mine…) and found out that Chakras can actually be seen!
- Milena De Mattia

Santé et bien-être
18 juin
Milena De Mattia

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