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If there is one name that is synonymous with the ultimate photographic experience, it is Leica. Just as car aficionados might lust after a Rolls-Royce, so photographers covet the Leica marque: even those people who will never own or use one are aware of their reputation as one of the finest photographic tools in the world. By the far the most popular range in the Leica line-up is the company s iconic M-series, which has a history stretching back over six decades to the Leica M3 of 1954. Since then, the high-end 35mm M-series rangefinders have been joined by digital equivalents that share the same fundamental standards of superlative build quality and outstanding image quality, all of which have found themselves revered by both longstanding Leica users and those falling for the brand s allure for the first time. The latest model to join Leica s digital elite is the M10. While this is not Leica s first digital rangefinder camera or indeed its first full-frame digital camera it is the first of its type to combine the true aesthetics and ergonomics of a traditional analog Leica M model with a high-resolution digital sensor. More than any other digital M model, the M10 is designed to turn the head of even the most die-hard analog-M user, and encourage them to make the transition to digital photography. This superbly engineered camera is also certain to appeal to the many digital-M users looking to upgrade, as well as the rather more elite group of loyal fans who invest heavily in the Leica brand and Leica-branded products to ensure they always have 'the best of the best.' Like any high-end digital camera, you need to appreciate the M10 s nuances to truly explore its capabilities. With The Leica M10 Expanded Guide, the intricacies of Leica s state-of-the-art camera are fully explored, giving the reader a clear insight into precisely what the camera is capable of. From setting up the camera, to delving into the deepest menu options, this book walks you step-by-step through all aspects of the M10. Regardless of whether you re a seasoned Leica shooter or an M-series newcomer, you are guaranteed to extract the best from the latest in the legendary range.

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21 décembre

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