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When I began writing this book I had suffered a major setback in my personal life and I was trying to create a map to work my way through a maze.

The sense that I had already hit absolute rock bottom could not stop me thinking that someone or something would visit meaning to and reprieve from my state of absolute despondence till I fell even further so that even the color of dawn was a source of pain. Then I lost the one person who had always helped my find purpose and meaning in the chaos that typifies the mundanity of constantly seeking in a life that answers a failure to ask the right questions with pain and depravity. I was in a space where nothing seemed to work till I dug deep enough to remember what he had been trying to teach me.

My dad always said that if you seek to always be hopeful and useful then you must always seek the company and tutelage of those who choose to be of service to a greater cause than themselves and by example impart knowledge which builds character, makes one socially responsible and useful to society and be aware because. The answers I sought had been before me all along, for he had been teaching me to be my best possible companion. It took some time trying and failing for me to remember that he had also always admonished that you cannot achieve your best self alone, and so began the journey of sharing so that I could always find companions of the journey toward a better way of being our best and in so doing our individual best.

Essais et sciences humaines
1 août
Archie Mhlanga