Lisbon Travel Guide for Urban Explorers

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A guide to help you discover the genuine and authentic Lisbon. 

Portuguese founder and main writer of the cultural travel blog Tripper, Sandra Henriques Gajjar reconnected with Lisbon last year and her urban explorations led her to see the city from a different, and unique, perspective: the insider knowledge of a local paired with the outsider’s point of view of her husband and photographer (Dhanish). 

This book is the perfect resource for independent travelers and urban explorers who enjoy traveling for the learning experience, who enjoy discovering the city on their own, and who want to know a more authentic Lisbon. It’s not meant to be a “just add water” travel guide, ready to consume, in a “one size fits all” overload of information. It focuses on what’s important to get to know Lisbon, by guiding you to explore, discover and experience the city from a cultural point of view. Each of the sights is presented in its connection to Lisbon’s History and Art, thus becoming a place of interest instead of one more spot you have to see when you visit. 

“Lisbon Travel Guide for Urban Explorers” can be used as a pre-planning tool or as a book you use while exploring the city. 

What you’ll find in the book: 

- Snippets of History and architecture details of the most popular quarters of Lisbon; 

- List of the sights, with historical and cultural context, organized in categories: gardens and parks, museums, and monuments (including a bonus list of sights for kids); 

- Tips on where to shop, where to eat out and where to go out; 

- A list of local cultural events, music festivals, and film festivals (with a bonus list of the most iconic cultural venues in Lisbon); 

- Things you can’t leave without… doing, seeing, drinking, eating; 

- Three suggested itineraries to explore most of Lisbon and four suggestions of day trips (by train); 

- All the practical information you need regarding safety and health, use of public transportation, free WiFi spots, important dates, etc., and a short "language survival kit" for basic communication in Portuguese.

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    6 juillet
    Sandra Henriques Gajjar