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Harry, heartbroken and newly single, turns to the Internet for solace. A chat room exchange inspires him to try his hand at erotic writing and he soon has steamy stories posted on several sites.

He receives an email from a woman called Cath saying how much she and her three friends enjoy his work. She explains how the four shop workers also write erotica and have weekly 'Literal Fantasy' evenings where they drink wine, exchange and enhance their stories then embellish them with saucy snaps. Harry says he would love to be a fly on the wall at one of their get-togethers and offers to write a story that involves them all, yet the women counter with something more enticing.

They want Harry to join them, to be that fly on the wall he so craved to be. He apprehensively agrees and a hotel is booked on a not too distant Thursday. Naturally, he fantasises about what the day will bring, but all his fantasies will fall short of the reality that awaits him: indeed, the experience will change the lives of all five forever.

Time flies. The day arrives. Room 351. Harry takes a deep breath and raises his shaking hand to knock...

Sue, a young, flirty and attractive blonde opens the door. Harry next meets Vicky, plain and shy and oddly out of place. He is immediately drawn to Cath - a diminutive, bubbly, Irish redhead - the woman with whom he corresponded.

However, Cath omitted to tell him - possibly for fear of him backing out - the parameters have changed. They would now like Harry to be more than a mere observer, would like him to take part in their role plays, to improvise and sometimes lead the way. At first he is reticent, but eventually agrees, though is understandably nervous. Tentatively, the four start with a schoolroom scenario set by Martha. But where is Martha, the elusive and mysterious driving force behind their Literal Fantasy sessions, and will she ever appear?

As the day progresses and boundaries are stretched, Harry has to deal not only with his own insecurities and uncertainties, but with those of the disparate females with whom he must bare all. What are the expectations of these four very different women? And how on Earth will Harry ever be able to live up to them?

N.B.1 Though a work of fiction, this story has its roots in very real events.

N.B.2 One short chapter in this book requires it to be included in the ‘Taboo Erotica’ genre.

Romans et littérature
9 janvier
Alexandra Amalova

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