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Lock Gates and Other Closures in Hydraulic Projects shares the authors practical experience in design, engineering, management and other relevant aspects with regard to hydraulic gate projects. This valuable reference on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of navigation lock gates, movable closures of weirs, flood barriers, and gates for harbor and shipyard docks provides systematic coverage on all structural types of hydraulic gates, the selection of gate types, and their advantages and disadvantages. The discussion includes the latest views in new domains, such as environmental impact of hydraulic gate projects, sustainability assessments, relation with the issues of global climate change, handling accidents and calamities, and the bases of asset management. Heavily illustrated, this reference provides a generous amount of case studies based on the author’s own and their colleagues’ experiences from recent projects in Europe, America and other continents.
Presents extensive coverage of the operational profiles of hydraulic closures, including gates in navigation locks, movable closures on river weirs, closures of flood barriers, spillway closures and valves, and more Outlines the different structural types of hydraulic gates, including miter gates, vertical lift gates, flap and hinged crest gates, radial gates, rolling and barge gates, sector gates and many other Clearly outlines the selection process for gates for navigation locks, river weirs, flood barriers, hydroelectric plants, shipyard docks and other hydraulic structures Provides comprehensive discussion of design loads and other actions to which hydraulic gates may be subjected during their service life, followed by an overview of analysis methods and tools Addresses the newest challenges and concerns in hydraulic gate projects, such as environmental impact of hydraulic gate projects, risk-based design, sustainability issues, handling accidents and calamities, and gate maintenance in view of asset management Presents the experiences from many recent projects in Europe and America, including the rolling gates in large European sea locks, gates in the Panama Canal new locks, flood barriers in New Orleans and the Netherlands

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