Love, Lust & Passion: The Real Story of the Pirate Anne Bonny

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The young Anne Bonny eloped to get away from home and now she's left her husband to sail away on a pirate ship with Jack Rackham and Mary Read. Her days are filled with sun-kissed adventure and the ménage without jealousy satiates her. But does she really have what it takes to be a pirate in the Caribbean of 1720 when the world is closing in? A cannonball from a British warship has just taken down the mast. She is about to find out.

This second edition includes an addendum explaining some of the history about Anne Bonny.

Learn about the real life of Anne Bonny, a novel about the teenager who runs away from the confining life of colonial Carolina to Nassau in New Providence, Bahamas hoping to enjoy the lust filled, idealized life of freedom as a pirate.
While in the Bahamas Anne meets and becomes intimate with Mary Read, whom Anne considers to be the epitome of a woman pirate, and serves with her under the command of Calico Jack Rackham, the last of the golden age pirate captains.

Numerous versions of the pirate life of Anne Bonny have been told over the past three centuries, but few of these stories have considered her from a historical perspective. Most of them simply re-visit the sensational and titillating tales of a woman serving aboard an eighteenth century pirate ship and take what is generally accepted about her at face value.
When one considers the historical chronology, however, many of the stories about Anne Bonny do not make sense. After researching, it is the opinion of this author that much of what has been accepted as fact about Anne Bonny was more likely to have been about another woman pirate, Mary Read. Anne's actual story, however, not only makes for a great read, but also makes a lot more sense when one considers the fact that her entire time aboard a pirate ship was only two months.

Researched historical chronology and available biographical information was used as the basis in writing this pirate adventure novel, with license taken by the author to determine the motivations of the characters since they were inferred by him from the facts, and the story line was then created to both fit and explain those facts. While interesting from a historical perspective, this book also contains both heterosexual and bisexual situations and is therefore not suitable for minors. The pages in this pirate adventure novel tell the real story (truth being defined as the most logical interpretation of the facts) of the pirate life of Anne Bonny. While Anne never became a famous pirate captain, the story of Anne Bonny and Mary Read as women pirates is well established in Caribbean and West Indies history. Were they lesbian pirates? That might depend upon your definition as you read about their circumstances.


Q. Why is the historical Anne Bonny so different from what is presented in modern culture?

A. Nowadays we would call it marketing and PR. Most of the exploits attributed to Anne Bonny were actually done by Mary Read, but when you're looking for sensationalism who would you choose as your heroine? Mary, an androgynous, battle-hardened woman in her 30s, or Anne, a buxom young redhead?

Q. So Mary Read was the real pirate woman?

A. Exactly! Mary was a seasoned pirate while Anne spent two months aboard a pirate ship. For Anne, this was more of a coming-of-age adventure.

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