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Lucy has one great wish – she wants to find the vampire of her dreams. So it’s obvious she would put this heartfelt desire right at the top of her Christmas wish list… again. It’s annoying Santa hasn’t been very helpful up till now and apart from Lucy no one seems to know of the existence of vampires.  But she saw him with her own eyes – when she was a child and he saved her from drowning.

After Lucy’s first boyfriend turns out to be a complete loser, it seems like there can only be one real man for her – her guardian angel. But how on earth is she supposed to find him?

On top of that, her best friend Pia keeps trying to interest her in normal men. And then there’s Adam, an incredibly sweet guy she can’t get out of her head since he almost kissed her.

Really, life could be a lot simpler, and Christmas is right around the corner…

Interview with the Author

How would you describe Lucy’s Wish?

Lucy’s Wish is a humorous love story which captures the hopeful atmosphere and romance of Christmastime. Anything is possible...isn’t it?

And how do we envision the world in which Lucy lives?

A bit like our world. So it isn’t ruled by vampires, but they exist in secret: vampires, werewolves, ghosts and a few other types of creatures. So in the midst of the magic of Christmas, there is also another ‘magic’. A touch a fantasy in our midst.

Is it part of a series or a standalone novel?

Both. Lucy’s Wish is complete in its own right, but I have two more winter romances planned for the coming winters, in which the reader will again encounter Lucy’s friends and the affairs of their hearts. They will all be characterized by wishes, dreams and hopes.

What made you write Lucy’s Wish?

My readers. I made a survey and a whole lot of people took part. In the responses, a Christmas vampire romance was frequently requested. Vampires still just fascinate us. Nothing about that has changed, which I’m glad about of course, because I love to write books about them and to allow them to come across differently time and again in the various stories.

And your readers appreciate that.

Yes, I’m really pleased to be among the All-Star Authors month after month. The response on Facebook has also been huge. In celebration of the Frankfurt Book Fair a large readers group of around 14,000 members held a meet and greet party for readers and authors. I was excited to be awarded the title of Favorite Author in the Fantasy Category.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I myself love Christmas more than anything, and I like books and films set at that time of year. Now I’ve written my own winter romance. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope all the readers will have just as much fun reading it.

I also wish you all lots of luck with your own wishes and magical Christmas holidays in the circle of love.

And a bit more about myself:

Even as a little girl I was enthralled by fairytales and other stories. Before I knew the alphabet I was already drawing picture books. At eight years old I ended up finding my love of writing through an old typewriter. I love constantly thinking up new stories, which are always about love. And I’m a big fan of happy endings.

21 décembre
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